Geffen Refaeli

Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli draws strange, surreal and often highly adorable illustrations, each one inspired by other people's Instagram photos. Fittingly, she publishes a cheeky drawing every few days as dailydoodlegram, and has racked up thousands of followers in the process. - See more at:

Freelance illustrator Geffen Refaeli, from Tel Aviv, is the illustrator behind the genius DailyDoodleGram project. I love her simple lines and awesome concept! In the past year she have been uploading to Instagram an illustration every day, inspired by bits and pieces from photos by different users uploaded that same day. In the past 6 months the project has reached 22,000 followers worldwide... I am already a huge fan! dailydoodlegram


  1. Wow, these are really excellent! Also pretty funny/quirky, I think the last one is my favorite on that subject!


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