Anna Jensen

Finally I'm A Functional Alcoholic
E! True Hollywood Story: Candy-O
Conscience Is A Thousand Witnesses
La Quinta Stole My Best Slutty
A Prophet Is Without Honor In Her Own Country
The Bait Hides The Hook
I Feel Too Much Thy Blessing
Atleast We Got Together For Lunch Last Week

Love the vibrant work full of details of American contemporary artist Anna Jensen! "Her paintings are psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives. She combine references to art history, pop culture, natural science and personal chronicles to represent the conflicts of life. The titles are important elements. Like herself the stories are at once funny and sad". The titles of her works makes them even better! She started a kickstarter page for her first solo exhibition in Paris.... So this is your change to get a signed print!


  1. Wow these are great! Truly inspiring! Might have to try something like this myself :)

  2. as above ^
    These make me feel like working!