Alexandra Lekias

Love the stunning detailed candy coloured line drawings of Perth based artist Alexandra Lekias. "My work is a collection of mass cultural quotations, samples and references that influence our personal identity. These stories are designed to bring back a sense of memory about one's own experiences."

Her new exhibition is titled "Selfie Sourcing Pudding Party", at Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney from September 26th until the 19th of October.


  1. Wow fabulous !!! stunning blog!


  2. Really beautiful, I love the lines, the colors, the expression...

  3. love this style! very 70's with a modern twist.

  4. Wow where do you find people who can illustrate like this? Some of the color and black and white juxtaposition is amazing.

    Haunting and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for finding this!


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