Weekend inspiration: Kaethe Butcher

One of the most talented new talents I discovered last year is definitely 24 years old, Berlin-based artist and illustrator Kaethe Butcher, who makes some incredible erotic illustrations that shows us an overpowering love for the female body. Many of the drawings include as well fragments of text, taken from songs and poems, that give us a sense of what she’s trying to capture. Love the names of these beautiful black and white and gold toned illustrations full of lovely patterns and details: Come On (She Make Me Kill Myself), Aluminium,, Into the Sun, Why You Wanted To Be?, Missing Pieces (My Valentine) & Knock Knock (Trick Or Treat)


  1. Wow, beautiful illustrations! I definitely search for more. Thank you. :)

  2. Love how much emotion they reflect, beautiful work indeed


  3. Very expressive!


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