Share your Christmas Greetings

Love this cute Christmas animation of my old colleague Cristina Garcia Martin. She is the founder of the award-winning Amsterdam-based studio All Things Moving where she produces animation, film and interactive productions with a strong focus in storytelling and visual excellence. Share me your Christmas Greetings as well!


Emily Forgot

London based Graphic Artist Emily Forgot has been working in the creative industry since graduating from Liverpool school of Art & Design in 2004. She has a diverse range of international clients, from cultural institutions, advertising, retail, publishing & editorial. I love her colorful graphic horoscopes she created for Refinery 29: Don't we all want to read our horoscope this month?


I love illustration is back after working on a huge magazine project for a Dutch celebrity, filled with lots of Dutch illustration talents! Soon more on my art-direction blog...

I love the colorful detailed work of Ola Volo, it is like walking into a fairytale in this cold winterdays. She is a Canadian illustrator from Kazakhstan with a love of nature and folklore. She graduated from Emily Carr University with a background in illustration and design. Her illustrations are a merge of animals, people, history and nature. Using traditional and digital mediums, she creates stories touching on folklore, symbolism, human nature and the little surprises of everyday life.


Babeth Lafon


I love the clean and beautiful arranged personal project 'The quiet stories of my daily life' of Paris-born, Berlin-based illustrator Babeth Lafon. "This project is focusing on my daily life and various objects which surround me, in which i find beauty or poetry, and i create patterns and assemble them like they are pieces of a big puzzle. They tell the quiet stories of my daily life". 
She worked for clients as Harper's Bazaar, Flair Magazine, Anthology magazine, Die Zeit and L'Oréal.


António Soares

Love the Fall Winter 2014/15 fashion illustrations of António Soares, currently living and working in Porto, Portugal. He uses water color to capture the latest runway and editorial looks full of vibrant details and textures against minimal backgrounds for clients as Vogue China.


Jordan Sondler

Hi everyone, I love Illustration is back from a long holiday, I hope you all had a great summer!
Love the colorful and fun work of Queens, New York, based 24 years old illustrator Jordan Sondler. Her work spans both digital, print, and three dimensional forms with a focus in pattern. She is also developing a line of really cute jewelry and accessories. Her clients have included Brooklyn Magazine, Ban.do, FamilyFun Magazine & Urban Outfitters.


Marlies Niemeijer

Beautiful awesome detailed botanical drawings of dutch based artist Marlies Niemeijer. She started her career as an illustrator by famous Dutch designer Piet Boon® after graduating at the Amsterdam Artemis Academy.


Marcel George

Love the hand painted, contemporary watercolour illustrations of 26 year old London-based illustrator Marcel George who studied Illustration at Brighton University and graduated in 2010 with first class honours.