Marcel George

Love the hand painted, contemporary watercolour illustrations of 26 year old London-based illustrator Marcel George who studied Illustration at Brighton University and graduated in 2010 with first class honours.


Margot Macé

I posted about Paris-based dutch-born artist Margot Macé before as I adore her signature graphic  woodblock illustration style. I love her feminin linework in combination with the soft watercolors. She has worked for editorial clients as Vogue Japan, l'Officiel Japan and Madame Figaro and commercial clients as Clarins, Lancome and Clinique.


Spiros Halaris x Sephora

Athens-born, London-educated, and currently New York-based Spiros Halaris was comitted for the latest campaign of Sephora, they turned to this illustrator who put his artistic eye on everything from the botanical visuals in the windows to the abstract butterfly prints that adorn the limited-edition Mother’s Day gift bags (using beauty products as paint, no less!). "I used a lot of different powders and a lot of different glosses that were great to create a more liquid effect; I used some lipsticks and nail polish too, which created more of a marble effect for the prints"


Martin Krusche

Great work full of details and patterns of Berlin based arttist Martin Krusche. He uses markers, ink or watercolor and then digitally colores it. He also is the artdirector of the YACKFOU GmbH, a graphic-based fashion brand from Berlin, which he founded with another designer 2003. For this label he created illustrations and graphics, and those characters and objects can’t be seen not longer only on Berlin’s shirts, also on Europe’s and World’s ones. I love his graphic tattoo illustrations!


Francois Berthoud for Prada


In honor of the release of the new floral fragrance Prada Candy Florale famous Illustrator Francois Berthoud created a collection of animated comics. This year perfume and cosmetic brands struggle to stand out from the crowd and create something unique. They heroine Lea seydoux, which is the face of the fragrance from 2011, depicted in black, white and pink. Love it!


Anna Jensen

Finally I'm A Functional Alcoholic
E! True Hollywood Story: Candy-O
Conscience Is A Thousand Witnesses
La Quinta Stole My Best Slutty
A Prophet Is Without Honor In Her Own Country
The Bait Hides The Hook
I Feel Too Much Thy Blessing
Atleast We Got Together For Lunch Last Week

Love the vibrant work full of details of American contemporary artist Anna Jensen! "Her paintings are psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives. She combine references to art history, pop culture, natural science and personal chronicles to represent the conflicts of life. The titles are important elements. Like herself the stories are at once funny and sad". The titles of her works makes them even better! She started a kickstarter page for her first solo exhibition in Paris.... So this is your change to get a signed print!