Paper Fashion: Illustrate Your Favorite Runway Looks with Watercolors

YAY! Always wanted to learn the skills of a renewed artists you love? 
This is your change: Skillshare offers tons of illustration skill courses online by established artists with assignments and instructions of the artists themselves!

Like these 3 great watercolor courses of Illustrator Katie Rodgers (alias Paper Fashion). "I’ve been illustrating for as long as I can remember, and I’m excited to finally share my skills with you! I’ve managed to take my hobby and turn it into a career that I’m beyond passionate about. I've had the honor of working with clients such as Lucky Magazine, Kate Spade, Calypso St. Barth, Coach, Nabisco and Alicia Keys." 


Angelika Peißker

Love these soft polished pencil illustrations of Leipig, Germany based artist Angelika Peißker


Hipstory by Amit Shimoni


What Your Favorite Political Leaders Would Look Like As Hipsters?
I love the fashionable vibrant portraits "Hipstory" fom artist Amit Shimoni showing Barack Obama sports a dreadlocked topknot while Hillary Clinton opts for a candy-colored ombré cut and Ronald Reagan sports a flashy diamond stud. "It is my hope that this series will encourage us to reflect: upon our leaders, our society, and ourselves," the artist adds. "And failing that, HIPSTORY will at least make us smile." 


Alexis Winter


Weekend inspiration! Love the wonderful poetic portraits of Melbourne based artist Alexis Winter. Don't forget to have a look at her fabulous prints on her Etsy shop


Solo show by Conrad Roset

I have posted so many times about Barcelona-based artist Conrad Roset on this blog as I adore his beautiful delicate "Muses". In just a few days his solo show will open at Spoke Art in San Francisco. So, if you are planning to go there next month (to extend your summer) you know where to go!

"Pale" a solo show by Conrad Roset
August 29th - September 26th 2015 in Spoke Art, San Francisco


Gabriella Ibarra

Wow! I am in love with these linoleum prints on paper of Atlanta based still life painter Gabriella Ibarra. She also creates wonderfulone-of-a-kind floral paintings on canvas and paper with great names as "Into my arms""Another part of me" and "You send me"Have a look at her work in the new curated I LOVE ILLUSTRATION shop at Greatly.nl


Milk & Cookies! - Stop Motion Animation by Rachel Ryle

Love the adorable Stop Motion Animations of Award winning Illustrator & Animator Rachel Ryle. Having been named the #1 Instagram account to follow by MTV & BuzzFeed, she focuses on incorporating her art & animations into her posts. Since the launch of Instagram’s video feature Rachel has turned her stream into a collection of art & quirky stop motion animations. In only 15 seconds her short story animations are bound to leave a smile on your face. On her instagram she has already 500k followers!


Miyuki Ohashi

Miyuki Ohashi translated the September 2015 issue of Gotham Magazine from Kirsten Dunst.
Love her femine and loose brushstrokes!

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Katy Smail


Love the dreamy girls and colorful bold flower patterns of KT Smail, a Scottish illustrator living in New York!


Copenhagen Fashion Week - S/S 16 - Isabella Hemmersbach

Illustrator Isabella Hemmersbach from Copenhagen has shared her favourite women’s looks from last week’s Copenhagen Fashion Week. ”I’ve tried to capture the essence of the Spring Summer 2016 looks by finding the read threads and pick the looks I find visually the most attractive.” (as seen on Kaltblut)


Sara Andreasson


Love the Bacherlor's Project "White Noise" about critical (fashion) illustrations from Swedish illustrator Sara Andreasson. Sara’s work, with her bright palettes and bold characters, has strong feminist undertones and a sense of societal commentary that is always handled with a playful touch. She is also editing an art zine called BBY magazine– a publication focused on prominent female creatives within the art and design world.  

"Fashion can, with its implicit flux, be described as an ever-changing mirror of the times, a reflection of prevailing dreams and utopias as well as an expression of limitations and shortcomings. By considering fashion a continuous documentation of the Zeitgeist, we can apprehend the norms and ideals that manifests themselves way beyond the glossy spreads of a fashion magazine.

White Noise is a norm-critical project resulting in a series of fashion illustrations, through conformity and resistance aiming to expose the hierachies that quietly shape the grid against which we are inevitably measured". – Sara Andreasson -

This project is exhibited until 27.09 at New Nordic Fashion Illustration vol.2, Tallinn, Estonia


Rebecka Skog

Love the fresh drawings of London from photographer/illustrator Rebecka Skog. She studied Fashion Design at European Institute of Design in Madrid, was born in Sweden, raised at the Canary-islands and is currently based in London,