Where Art Meets Fashion

Right in the heart of De Hallen Amsterdam, you'll find the cozy I Love Illustration Gallery. It's not your average art spot – it's a cool little place that's all about modern illustrations, drawings, and paper art with a focus on fashion and style. They bring in artists from all over, both big names and up-and-comers. And guess what? They're super proud to present the fantastic artworks of Piet Paris, the famous Dutch fashion illustrator. The gallery regularly hosts live portrait events with the internationally renowned glamour artist Astrid X Vos, bringing joy to our visitors.

Meet the Founder and Director:

I Love Illustration Gallery opened its doors in September 2020, thanks to Anneke Krull. She's been working in the fashion and magazine world for over 25 years. But even before she started the gallery, she had this blog, "I Love Illustration," where she geeked out about fashion illustrations. Throughout her career, she's teamed up with artists from all over the place, making a colorful mix of creativity.

Curator Pop-UP Art Shows:

In March 2020, Anneke put on this art show with a bunch of Dutch fashion illustrators. It was a pop-up gig and it joined forces with Amsterdam Fashion Week. It was all about showing off the talent of the pros and the rising stars in the fashion art world.

An Art Book About Style:

Anneke's love for fashion illustrations isn't just in the gallery – she took it to books, too. Back in 2010, the famous art publisher, Gestalten, asked her to make a book about fashion art called "The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion and Style." Anneke picked out the top 100 artists who were shaking things up in fashion, lifestyle, magazines, and ads. People loved it so much that the book sold out fast.

At I Love Illustration Gallery, you'll find the sweet spot where art and fashion meet. It's a lively space where creative minds come together. Visit the gallery to feel the mix of art and style that makes this place a gem in the heart of Amsterdam.